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The Bird of Paradise is one of the most colorful birds in the world. Check the different types of Bird of Paradise, mating rituals and also links related to this kind of exotic bird.

Bird of Paradise

Lesser birds of paradise
Lesser birds of paradise

The birds of paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes. They are found in Australasia regions of eastern Indonesia, New Guinea and northeastern Australia. The members of this family are perhaps best known for the striking plumage possessed by the male of most species, which are used in courtship displays in order to attract females. Many species also have highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the tail, wings or head. Despite this extravagant plumage, they are anatomically among the most primitive songbirds.

Most species of bird of paradise have elaborate mating rituals, with the Paradisaea species having a Lek-type mating system. Others, such as the Cicinnurus and Parotia species, have highly ritualized mating dances, with Parotia species presenting ballet tutu-like display plumage in a dance that is among the most astounding behaviors of all birds due to its completely accidental, but nonetheless uncanny resemblance to hula and limbo dances.

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Bird of paradise (Click to enlarge)
Birds of paradise

There are 42 species of Birds of Paradise in 17 genera distributed mainly across the Islands of Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya as well as in North Eastern Australia. Birds of Paradise are related to crows and all species have 10 primaries and 12 tail feathers. Many species have greatly elongated and elaborate sets of feathers arising form the tail, wings or head.

Female bird of paradise (Click to enlarge)
Female bird of paradise

Though a few species occasionally take nectar or herpetofauna (frogs, lizards, etc) most species feed primarily on arthropods (insects and spiders) and fruits. Birds of Paradise typically forage in the forest at a height of between 20 to 30 m above ground. They are often seen in mixed flocks of birds also containing Babblers and Drongos. Earth Life

The Greater Bird of Paradise is distributed to lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Island, Indonesia. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and small insects.

Greater bird of paradise (Click to enlarge)
Greater bird of paradise

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