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BirdsBirds - We have content on wild and pet bird topics. Things like feeders to attract wild birds to your garden, bird cages, details on the lovely Bird of Paradise, bird watching, houses and also binoculars.

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A list of several types of birds for sale. Exotic, parrots, breeders, pet birds and more birds available to buy online, also links related to pet birds and birds for sale.

Birds for Sale

When buying birds, you must to use common sense and think before you buy them. Parrots, for example, require quite a bit of time, attention, and care. You should carefully consider the ramifications of getting a bird before you bring one home. Never impulse buy a bird. These pets require more care and attention than a cat or dog. They require a much more complex diet of fresh foods supervision. You'll have a cage to clean and also water to clean, and you'll have to invest in toys since they are very intelligent and require outside stimulation to prevent neurotic behaviors like feather plucking and self-mutilation. Truly distressed birds will gouge themselves and even sometimes bleed to death.

Pet Birds for Sale


They are a very social and affectionate specie of parrot. The name Lovebird stems from these birds' affectionate nature. This is reflected by the birds name in other languages: in German, "die Unzertrennlichen," and in French "les insÚparables"- "inseparables." For this reason, many people feel strongly that lovebirds in captivity should be kept only in pairs. Others believe that lovebirds, like other parrots, are social animals who can bond with human companions when given a great deal of care and attention. Wikipedia

Item # 2675

Breeding pair of beautiful lovebirds, $70.00 for the pair. Also two baby birds for sale at $25.00 each.

Breeder: Kathy McBride Location: Beavercreek, Ohio, US.

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$70.00 (pair)
(No Shipping)

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The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Parrot Parrot - Additional information about how to buy birds for sale, also some tips about parrots.

Bird Farm - Online pet bird store and supply depot. Birds for sale online, check also articles about birds. Shipping services to US.

Flying Gems Aviary - Available LoveBirds they have for sale. Seem to only ship in US.

Birds for Sale - Place an ad to sell your birds, or look for what birds are for sale. Shipping locations vary depending on the seller. But generally it's US based.

Exotic Birds for Sale


Conures are a diverse group of medium to small size of parrots. Essentially they are large parakeets native to Central and South America. For parrots, conures are lightly built, with long tails (Conure literally means 'cone tail') and small, strong beaks. They have a diverse range of colors.

Item # 1564

Breeder: Kathy Hopkins Location: Reno, US. Aviary: Hobby Breeder

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$850.00 (each)
(Ask the owner for shipping services)

The above information was taken from originally,
but at the time of checking for broken
links this address was no longer found


Purchase these guys only if you have lots of time to devote to a cockatoo because they love their people and want to be with you all the time. Goffins Cockatoos unweaned to experienced hand feeders $699. When weaned $899. Umbrella Cockatoos $799 unweaned and $995 when weaned.

Cockatoos (Click to enlarge)

$899.00 (each, weaned)
(Ships to US)
Contact Bird Farm to buy

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